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Daniel M. Product Line Manager, VMware

“NIX has been a great pleasure to work with. They've helped me bring my app from concept to reality and guided me along the way. I learned a lot about mobile application development from NIX and plan to use them again in the future.

They communicate very well and very fast. They make sure all my questions are always answered. They manage projects very efficiently and make sure that I always have the information I need. Their depth of knowledge covers a broad range of technologies, including mobile applications, backend infrastructure, web development, cloud, and more. They give me confidence. I highly recommend the team at NIX Solutions!”

Matt C. Seattle, WA, USA

“Roman and the team at NIX are great. They've handled work on a number of projects for me over the past 5 years and the code quality is always top notch. Highly recommended."

Jeremy R. Business owner

“I've been working with NIX's CMS team - who I had the pleasure of visiting in Ukraine in 2012 for years now. They have always done, and continue to do, great work for me. Highly recommended.”

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Reviews on Elance

The freelance did an excellent job. This was a seven month project and they did as they said they would do. A monthly report of the work that was completed and the current rankings was produced on time. Professional group of people. Thank You.

Peter Peterka Original review

NIX Solutions is a very professional team. Proactive, really flexible, always on time, their work and reporting is clear and professional. They fully understand what customers want and even go beyond what is requested and give very useful advises. It's been a pleasure to work with them.

Frank Taylor Original review

NIX Solutions is the best! I have worked with them over the years with zero complaints!

Jason Stephens Original review

NIX Solutions Ltd was professional and knowledgeable. I appreciated their comments and suggestions. Thank you

Monika Szapar Original review

We are very satisfied with our project. NIX Solutions delivers high quality work on time and in budget. High responsiveness in daily communication, high service level, high quality standards. I would always recommend to start a project with NIX Solutions!

Carsten Petzold Original review

Working wIth NIX Solutions has been a pleasure, we find their professionalism and work quality to be very high. I would recommend them to others who need development work done.

Robert Stepak Original review

Quick turnaround and precise estimate of time-to-complete and cost-to-complete.

Pablo Destefanis Original review

For anyone reading this, this is not your typical 5 out of 5 star review. You know the ones where people get told just to rate the whole project 5 stars. I've been working with NIX Solutions for almost 2 years on an ongoing regular basis of 20-40 billable hours per week. To give you an idea they have currently done $1.9m on Elance and we account for $106k. We'd worked with 2 other programming groups before that keep messing things up. I am based in the United States and our company needed a dashboard solution to automate several tasks. Our initial project started out great and we had smooth sailing for about 6 months. Then it seems liked quality dropped for a little bit, but this was quickly addressed by the Quality Manager. They solved the problem by giving us a different project team lead that could communicate better between us and the developer and to do more rigorous testing before moving from development to live. As far as estimates. The most we've ever ran over was 50% but we typically come in under budget by 25% to over budget by 10%. The team is able to solve difficult problems; however the best way to work around the language barrier is create a text spec sheet along with a video detailing your projects enhancements or bug fixes. This will dramatically decrease your project creep and give you a more accurate project cost. They were also able to work quickly and most enhancements were delivered ahead of schedule or not more than 2 working days behind schedule. So if you are serious about launching an app or need a Yii/PHP programmer, then definitely engage NIX solutions.

Jacob Hagberg Original review

Reviews on Google

NIX run a highly competent operation. They provide accurate estimates and deliver on time. Communication is always easy, particularly with our project manager Dasha. Would recommend for anyone looking to bring website from concept to product.

Phillip Sull Original review

Roman and the team at NIX Solutions are great. They've handled work on a number of projects for me over the past 5 years and the code quality is always top notch. Highly recommended.

Matt Cassarino Original review

I've been working with these guys for years now - particularly their CMS team. I had the pleasure of visiting them in Ukraine in 2012. The relationship has been very positive, and they continue to do great work for me.

Jeremy Reither Original review

Reviews on Clutch

The NIX Solutions team is very responsive, upfront, and strive to deliver on time and on budget.

Founder and Director, Audio Tour Company Original review

NIX Solutions has a very good customer management approach... They became an extension of our own internal setup. They were there as an additional resource.

CEO, Management Consulting Company Original review

Reviews on Guru

NIX staff continue to provide exceptional service. They extend the capabilities of our in-house IT department by providing additional expertise we do not have, monitor all key service 24-hours a day, 7 days a week and ensure patching and performance tuning are completed in a timely fashion.

BackBeat Media Original review

Working with NIX Solutions has exceeded my expectations in every way. I have given positive reviews on e-lance before, but frankly NIX Solutions far exceeds my other experiences! They were courteous, professional, and above all responsive. I will continue to do business with NIX. Highest recommendation!!!

Happy Customer Original review

The team have been a fantastic partner for us over the past six months. We’ve been very impressed with their level of quality and the turnaround time needed to deliver an excellent product. They have consistently achieved what we’ve asked of them, and more.

Happy Customer Original review

NIX Solutions is a leading software development company with highly-skilled professional developers, QA engineers and managers. We pay special attention to the development and know that success of our company depends on the customers' success. That is why NIX Solutions creates high-quality products, which fully meet expectations.


At NIX Solutions, we establish collaboration based on trust. Therefore, we hold the confidence and positive reviews of our clients as major achievements. We hope that your experience with the NIXSolutions team was a pleasant and please leave a review when you get a chance. They motivate us to continuously improve and reach for newer heights. Again, thank you for your reviews and for putting your trust in NIXSolutions.